继电器流量开电路开关 监控器传感器 浮动开关

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Binsack Reedtechnik is a technology enterprise and consists of five product areas: Reed-Sensors, Reed-Relays, Reed Switches, Float Switches, Flow Sensors It is our goal to attain a leading position in the market in those five areas. Primarily we trust on our innovation strength and our technological know-how. These are the keys for the new growth markets in the future. Binsack Reedtechnik is an independent enterprise with clear future strategy and can fall back upon 40 years of experience. Very important in this aspect is a close contact to our customers, quick and flexible and mostof all innnovative actions. Our engineers and technicians in construction and development are pleased to work out a technically mature solution. Our own tool engineers with affiliated plastic injection department enables us to carry out your ideas fast and flexible. Our extensive assortment covers almost all customer requirements. The product spectrum also contains among other things the worldwidely known reedproducts of the companies: Steinecker, ERNI, ELESTA, LECHMANN & MÜH It is our conviction that only the highest level in quality will meet our superior expectations of our customers. An uncompromising, extensive system of quality assurance from research and development over the production to the customer service for us is mandatory. That’s why our enterprise is certified after the ISO norm. Expensive, continuous tests in our own examining laboratories ensure, that all products correspond to the strict EURO norms with regard to their safety, reliability and life time. The classification as first supplier with numerous well-known manufacturers, also in the automobile industry, confirms our company philosophy.

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205/6-5-A022-MS 13893 继电器 0.10kg 0.01kg