New era of China-European

Industry 4.0 has entered a new era of Sino-European cooperation, European companies have received strong policy support, and cross-border trade in industrial products has also entered a booming stage. The digitization of procurement and manufacturing is critically important for industrial enterprises in reducing operating costs and improving supply chain efficiency.

In recent years, cross-border trade in industrial products has developed rapidly and has become one of the most competitive industries in the world. Involved in this field, we all need to keep our wits about ourselves.

And we will show you how to stand out from the competition.

The Chinese market has a
bright future

China ranks first in the world's manufacturing industry for 9 consecutive years. Its market share of Chinese products is far ahead in many industrial fields, such as steel, construction machinery, automobiles, shipbuilding, and smartphones. Chinese manufacturing is turning to the mid-to-high end.

The fusion of China's booming market and mature products in Europe will bring you unprecedented opportunities. Choose the 0SO supply chain platform as your exclusive agent in China and seize the good opportunity of localizing your product sales and services. 0so can be your eyes and show you a panoramic view of the Chinese market.


Traditional forms of trade
are outdated

In the past, the cross-border industrial product trade process between Europe and China was complicated and isolated, information could not be shared, and operational efficiency was extremely low. Facing the global market, this form has fallen behind.

Cross-border delivery has
more pain points

There are many pain points in the process of cross-border delivery, such as business negotiation, foreign exchange payment, customs declaration, and logistics.

Difficult localization

LanguageCulture Barrier

Before sale?

After sale?

Due to the differences in language and culture, there are also many obstacles to the European factory's market development in China and the related pre-sale and after-sale Chinese localization service support.