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Cross-Border Delivery

As a comprehensive service platform, we can solve pain points such as foreign exchange payment, logistics, and customs declaration in one-stop, and realize the information transparency, visualization, and controllability of the entire product delivery process.

Case <<<

Platform A entered the China market for the first time, and felt the process was complicated when facing the cross-border delivery. We help them solve the cross-border delivery issues in one-stop. No intermediaries earned the difference, reduced the cost of cross-border delivery, reassure them to choose the Chinese market.

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Market Development

With the support of big data technology, we analyze the industry fields of the agency clients and customize exclusive brand development solutions. We can establish a personalized marketing system for our customers, such as the brand's China station and participation in exhibition promotion.

Case <<<

Company B is an industry platform. We conduct segment analysis based on its products, and submit China market reports and proposals development plans to Platform B. We help them connect with China's exhibitions, advertisements, and other business opportunities, and help them build a Chinese connection network.

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Dedicated Localization Team

We can carry out localized operations for you in China. By equipping a dedicated sales and technical team, we can solve all aspects of the platform's marketing, sales, finance, pre-sale technical consultation, after-sale technical support, and customer service, and help your products be seamlessly localized.

Case <<<

Company C enters our platform's cross-border supply chain platform, and we will equip it with a dedicated localization team. The team members will include:

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Other Services

For different customer needs, we have a professional team to provide you with exclusive localized comprehensive services such as investment and financing, factory construction, and intellectual property rights to help optimize production capacity.

Case <<<

Company D wants to build a factory in China, but lack of funds. We help them with contacting the registration platform, site selection, financing, etc. Finally their construction was implemented as soon as possible.